“Steven knows how to get to the root of a problem. His keen and deep observations allowed me to clear away the irrelevant and find a path that honors all concerned.” — BT

“I thank you so much for all of your guidance and good advice, Steven.  Your straight talk and honest feedback really led us in the direction of happiness that – at the time – I still didn’t have the courage or insight to realize both B and I deserved.”  – – FS

“You took the heat that melted our last mediator and the parenting coordinator before.  You saw through all the bull crap.  I don’t know how you were such a lightening rod for all the crap and abuse that used to get dumped on me, but it sure changed things pretty quickly.  And it’s like I’m living in this totally different world now.  Like over the rainbow or something!  Thanks for showing me better ways to deal with all the ridiculous crap.  WHAT A STRESS RELIEF!!!”  — BM

“U bring hope to the world!  Thank you, Steven, for helping F and I steer the muddy waters of divorce.  Thank you for helping us do our best for H.  With Love.” — IV

“Thank you so much for making me feel more confident and helping me calm my anxiety.  I’m very thankful that L and I have you in our lives.” — BN

“Steven has been tremendously helpful! He is professional, always respects my confidentiality and goes above and beyond to ensure my child’s best interests are the main focus. He has saved my family precious resources by keeping billing costs low, even gifted his time, and mitigating the emotional turmoil in a VERY complex situation. I am so grateful Steven’s services were recommended to me and cannot say enough good things about him and my experience. I highly recommend.” — ITK

“A thousand thanks for the life and hope giving conversation yesterday. … It is not often that I am moved by someone, and moved powerfully and positively. I appreciate so much your energy and the generosity of giving yourself into the world with both hands open, knowing this stance is where real courage and strength abide.” — LK

“The best thing I’ve ever done was to sign you on as our mediator/arbitrator. My lawyer kept recommending people who cost a lot and didn’t change much. Now I know that he didn’t want to use you because you cut through all the self-serving crap of family law experts and put that whole system out of work. No more tension. No more nastiness. No more useless experts. I’m sorry I waited so long to stand up to my lawyer about using you.” — DFC

“You’re great at what you do!” — EE

“Well, just knowing I could share the … issue with you today made my lap-swimming much more peaceful. I’m so glad S. T. referred me to you just over 2 years ago. It really is a great, solid agreement we worked out with your help and I am so deeply grateful.” — JW

“I find you useful.  You have a genuine way of seeing through and cutting through the bullshit.  And you do it gently – a gentle way of verbalizing it so people can hear.” — NA

“You pack a lot of good stuff in a couple of hours. thanks.  The elephant is off my back.”  — BM

“Thanks so much for your help in this situation! It was so much more productive than I ever imagined it could be … even the dinner went well afterward. I thought your placement of him was also skillful – kind of tucked back from me and close to you … very nice. I think this first step at bringing cooperation back among us will have far reaching and positive effects for the kids, and all of us … Thanks again and warm regards,  — LC

“You have been instrumental in moving the discussion forward and we are truly grateful for your involvement.” — BH

“Amazingly, it took me almost two years of therapy to learn to see what you’ve understood in one short meeting and a few emails.  Thanks for the words of caution … it’s disappointing that others may not grasp the presence of certain personality types, as you say ….” — JH

“I wanted to express both gratitude and professional respect regarding our meetings.  You have helped me to see things more clearly and to develop a more effective posture with the people most dear to me.  Sequencing of the introduction of ideas has been on the money …  I can absorb and implement more effectively … what you have shared. … The ideas you have shared with me will give me a good opportunity for success with my kids.” — BM

“Steven Wolhandler is phenomenal at what he does. He’s in Boulder; you might want to give him a call 720 270-0070.  He can help you bring some perspective on what your boundaries are and how to keep your boundaries set.” — ST (on mamapedia.com http://www.mamapedia.com/article/seeking-advise-support-groups-stressed-child scroll down to the 4th answer)

“We used several well known arbitrators over a few years before we found you. You were the first person involved with our situation who really understood what was going on beneath the surface and you had what it took to hold the line and get us to peace. We wish we’d found you at the start.” — PD and VD

“Many have helped, your help stands out.  … I learned a lot in this process.” — SV

“That’s what I love most about you:  You don’t say shit you don’t mean.”  — NA

“I woke this morning with a very strong and certain sense that I am where, who, what, how, and when EXACTLY as I need to be. … It is quiet, peaceful on the inside. …  Thank you for your part in the process that has brought me here.  With much gratitude,”  — TH

“We salvaged our [business] partnership! Unbelievable! Steven saved us tens of thousands of dollars and months of stupid legal wrangling.”  — BG

“You are good. You are really good. If [my choices were only to meet with] the other “professionals” I would not be going to see anyone.” — LS

“I am very proud of both of us and my children and I think it’s amazing. As you know, we were at each other’s throats. But you, Steven, had everything to do with [our new peace] too and without you we wouldn’t be where we are. Please feel free to use us as a reference. Because of you we remained a family even after Divorce. Thank You from all of us.”  — PS

“We thought you were nuts to suggest we consider spending holidays and special occasions together…But it can be done! Your help during the divorce and afterward made it possible to put ALL our bullshit aside for the sake of our children. … The effect this has had on our kids is PROFOUND and what could have been a very sad holiday (the 1st for them since divorce/separation) has turned out to be an absolute wonderful one for everyone involved. It’s one thing to sit in mediation and fill out paperwork saying ‘let’s do what’s best for kids’, or ‘it’s all about the kids’. It’s another to actually do what’s best for them and put aside your personal crap and make it ALL about the kids. We couldn’t have done it without your patient guidance over the long haul.”  — TE and RE

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About Steven’s Counseling

“I … learned how to change my patterns and get more respect and love.”  — PD

“Seventeen years.  Four “super duper” therapists in New York and San Francisco. Nothing really changed. Until I worked with you in little old Boulder, I didn’t know what it was to transform myself and my relationships. I guess there’s no way to know the real deal until you’ve done it. I’m so glad I decided to try one last time with you. The time and money was the best investment I’ve ever made.”  — IP

“Can’t thank you enough. Wasn’t the quick or cheap fix I was looking for at first, but I’m so thankful I stumbled into your office and you helped me see I was worth the effort of going deep. It’s paid off big time.” — DF

“Thanks so much for your help over the past month.  We have all benefited from your perspective to tap into the wisdom we own but weren’t accessing.” — EG

“I thought I’d be on anti-depressants for the rest of my life. You guided me so safely and gently through such scary shit.  I just thought those feelings would kill me. I couldn’t have got past it without you there. Now it’s like I’m breathing new fresh air or feeling alive for the first time in my life.” — AH

“It’s just relaxing to come here and bask in your energy.” — LS

“In many years of pretty good therapy, I got lots of help with what to do.  You are the first therapist to help me know how to be.” — CB

“My boss hated me and drove me crazy.  Not any more!”  — DS

“The best thing I ever did for myself.  You can’t believe how helpful [therapy with Steven] is until you do it.”  — AL

“I finally saw why I was choosing the wrong kind of guy.  I understand myself better and how I affect other people.”  — PD

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About Steven’s Mediation/Arbitration

“You really headed off a disaster for us and the kids.  Mediating with you was much more helpful than the co-parenting class we had to take.”  — JP

“You were sensitive and insightful.  Mediation wasn’t super easy for me but it was so much better than the times we’d slugged it out in Court.  I had no idea it could do that.  Even my lawyer was impressed.”  — SM

“We got most of it settled between us.  A total miracle!  What we couldn’t agree on, you arbitrated fairly and without a lot of fuss.  Thank you.  Our kids see us talking now instead of snarling.”  — RC

“I’m really glad you were able to get us to settle in a way that we can actually keep doing business.  I didn’t trust him at all when the invoice wasn’t paid.  Thanks for helping us re-establish our business trust and respect.  Before the screw up, it’d been a long profitable relationship.”  — KC

“You took an impossible situation, totally f*&ked up, and turned it around.  I don’t know how you got that back-stabbing prick to get real, but you did and you saved both of us from the train wreck lawsuit he was dragging us into.  I’m blown away by what you did!  He even said he was glad you’d set things straight.” — TA

“Hey, that’s a deal with you.  It’s a good thing you’ve gotten your hands dirty in the trades.  A pin-headed guy who hires someone else to change his light bulb would have missed the point – or cost us a freakin’ fortune to figure out what the hell was really going on, what this whole damn project was about.  No offense, I know you’ve got a lot of school too.” — RM

Working with Steven has been life changing. He has helped our family navigate a truly difficult situation while always keeping our child’s best interest in the forefront. He is professional, responsible, educated, attentive and is always striving to help us co-parent in a healthy way. I definitely recommend Steven’s services! — SG

About Steven’s Family Evaluations

“Well, the evaluation is clear.  It gets right to the bottom of everything and explains why there’s been so much problem.”  — JO

“I sure didn’t like everything you said, but you were fair and the things you recommended us to do are going to make things better.  Thanks for taking the time to look at everything.” — DH

“I appreciate that you were direct about things I can improve, but also positive about things I am doing well.  The original evaluation felt like we were both just being ripped to shreds.”  — FA

“It was thorough and complete.  It didn’t shy away from the hard truth.  It named stuff that everyone else has been too scared or too blind to name.” — TT

“My lawyer was really glad you backed up everything.  That helped us agree on things in mediation.  Also, the report didn’t pick favorites and it was insightful about both of us.”  — KC

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