Steven combines his background as an attorney and as a psychotherapist to provide the best dispute resolution and effective counseling.

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divorce mediation/counselling Find Out More Have custody evaluations, mediations and court dramas made things worse? Steven cuts through to what is truly helpful. Real Estate and business resolutions Steven understands the dynamics of conflicts and has ended fights that other Mediator/Arbitrators could not. Learn More There is no “one size fits all ” approach Consultations customize strategies to your unique situation.
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“Before we hired Steven, we’d spent $68,600 on lawyers and $13,800 on two other mediators over 16 months, and got worse fighting. Steven stepped into a totally impossible mess of hatred and mistrust that we’d bought with all that money, and he turned it completely around. Got us in agreement. And he did the impossible for less money than either of the other clueless mediators took from us – from our children really.” — DS & RS

What Brings You Here?

Looking for the best way to settle differences? Frustrated, frightened or stuck in disagreement? Is conflict sucking the joy out of your life? Been to expensive “experts” who didn’t help or didn’t understand what is really going on? Need someone who really understands how to make peace? Is hostility continuing even though you’ve gotten costly advice? Want help from someone who is savvy and educated in both the legal and psychological aspects of your situation? Is it time to feel empowered instead of out of control?

Construction, building or development project problems? Real estate deal gone bad? Partnership stuck in a fight? Landlord – tenant dispute? Land use conflict? Want someone with hands-on experience in the construction trades and real estate deals, as well as high quality legal and psychology training and experience, to help you work it out? Wish your mediator or arbitrator had built and remodeled his own houses with his own hands?

Do your children need their parents to get along? Is a custody evaluation looming? Are you a lawyer looking for a fresh approach to ADR and new ways to satisfy your clients? Is conflict threatening to become a lawsuit, with your children or business the sure losers? Has a lawsuit gotten out of hand, with legal fees mounting and no end in sight?

Are you looking for counseling that makes real and lasting changes? Do you want more than expensive hand-holding from your therapist? Ready to work with a counselor who can sensitively uncover what matters?

If you answered “Yes”, we can help. Take the first step. Call 720 270-0070, or email, to learn how your “stuck” position can transform with the help of expert creative problem solving.

“I can’t thank you enough for the insight and advice you gave me. The experience was positive, and one I am proud of. Dealing with the situation, I was clear about the way I felt. I did what I had to do with little hesitation. I was glad to see this change. The old knee-jerk reaction of anxiety is gone. I feel very empowered.” – – M.P.

What We Do – Dispute Resolution

Creative Conflict Resolutions, LLC provides sensitive and effective dispute resolution for all types of conflicts throughout the Western United States. We specialize in ending conflicts that have persisted despite prior attempts at peace. We help solve any problem between people. Whether your dispute involves Family (divorce and post-divorce), Real Estate, Construction, Contractor/Owner, or Business (including partner and investor relations) issues, we can help end it. We facilitate communication and decision-making in a wide variety of relationships. We tailor our style to meet your individual needs, providing Mediation, Arbitration, Mediation/Arbitration, as well as Counseling and Consulting for Business and Personal matters. We create Satisfying Settlements that Last™ and that everyone can live with.

Call 720 270-0070, or email, to find out how to save money, time and stress by resolving your conflict more efficiently.

“Thanks so much for your help in this situation! It was so much more productive than I ever imagined it could be … even the dinner went well afterward. I thought your placement of him was also skillful – kind of tucked back from me and close to you … very nice. I think this first step at bringing cooperation back among us will have far reaching and positive effects for the kids, and all of us … Thanks again and warm regards.” – – L. C.

What We Do – Divorce, Post-Divorce and Family Court Related Services

Steven provides Mediation, Arbitration, Decision-Making and Parent Coordinating for divorced parents. He also provides Parental Responsibility Evaluations and Child and Family Investigations, and he consults with parents and attorneys involved in those matters.

Call 720 270-0070, or email, to get to the heart of post-divorce and divorce matters or email him, for more information.

“We got most of it settled between us. A total miracle! What we couldn’t agree on, you arbitrated fairly and without lot of fuss. Thank you. Our kids see us talking now instead of snarling.” — R.C.

What We Do – Counseling and Consulting

Steven provides counseling and psychotherapy to other therapists, adults, children, couples and families who want help with life’s problems. He specializes in providing therapy for other therapists and in working with people who have had unsatisfying experiences in prior therapy. Steven also counsels business leaders who want the most from their human resources and careers, and he evaluates families for custody disputes and other court matters.

Questions? Call Steven at 720 270-0070, or email him, for more information.

“Seventeen years. Four “super duper” therapists in New York and San Francisco. Nothing really changed. Until I worked with you in little old Boulder, I didn’t know what it was to transform myself and my relationships. I guess there’s no way to know the real deal until you’ve done it. I’m so glad I decided to try one last time with you. The time and money was the best investment I’ve ever made.”— I.P.

Protecting Yourself from Emotional Predators: Neutralize the Users, Abusers and Manipulators Hidden Among Us

Steven Wolhandler, JD, MA, LPC knows how abusive and manipulative people prey on the emotions of good people – and how good people can protect themselves. He offers a radically different view of these Emotional Predators and provides practical effective solutions.

For Emotional Predators, life is a strategy game to dominate and control, and you are either a player to be defeated or a game piece to be used. Without empathy or remorse, they’ll ruin your life, and traditional approaches will make things worse. You’ll learn 5 essential steps for protecting yourself, valuable guidance for safe relationships and over 30 specific defensive tactics for:

  • Distinguishing romance from intimacy
  • Restoring your self-esteem
  • Removing your emotional triggers
  • Using gratitude and humor
  • Playing their games better than they do – without becoming like them
  • Screening professionals to be sure they can help
  • Regaining control in family court
  • Breaking an addiction to an Emotional Predator
  • Re-balancing power in your favor
  • Adjusting beliefs that keep you trapped
  • Responding strategically, instead of reacting emotionally.

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