Satisfying Settlements That Last.TM

Managing Toxic Situations.


Mediation and Arbitration

Mediating and arbitrating disputes for businesses, contractors, subcontractors, homeowners, and developers, as well as buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords, and families.


Consulting with businesses, attorneys and individuals about effective strategies for dealing with problematic people, and with parents getting a custody evaluation or dealing with a problem co-parent.

Therapy and Integrating Psychedelic Experience

Providing no bull shit therapy and helping folks integrate and process psychedelic experience (within applicable law and regulations).  Contact Steven to learn more.

About Steven

Steven Wolhandler, J.D., M.A., L.P.C., is an attorney and psychotherapist with decades of experience in dispute resolution, relationship and family matters and the psychology of difficult people.

An attorney since 1984, Steven is a graduate of Cornell Law School where he was an Editor of the Law Review.  He practiced law in a large Wall Street law firm and as a soloist in a small New Mexican town.  Steven began his doctoral clinical psychology training in 1988, taking a leave of absence in 1990.  He formed Creative Conflict Resolutions, LLC in 1999 and received a Masters in Counseling Psychology in 2002.

Steven has been resolving business and family disputes outside the courts since 1993 (as a mediator, arbitrator, consultant, custody evaluator and parental decision-maker). He combines his legal training and experience with his deep understanding of the psychological basis of high-conflict disputes. He is the author of Protecting Yourself from Emotional Predators: Neutralize the Users, Abusers and Manipulators Hidden Among Us, which presents a new paradigm for understanding toxic people and relationships. He also provides therapy for therapists and others, and helps folks integrate and process psychedelic experiences (within applicable law and regulations).

What Clients Say

Protecting Yourself
From Emotional Predators

Neutralize the Users, Abusers and Manipulators Hidden Among Us

For Emotional Predators, life is a strategy game to dominate and control, and you are either a player to be defeated or a game piece to be used. Without empathy or remorse, they’ll ruin your life, and traditional approaches will make things worse. You’ll learn 5 essential steps for protecting yourself, valuable guidance for safe relationships and over 30 specific defensive tactics for:


Distinguishing Romance
From Intimacy

Restoring Your

Removing Your Emotional

Using Gratitude And

Regaining Control In
Family Court

Breaking An Addiction To An
Emotional Predator

Re-balancing Power In
Your Favor

Adjusting Beliefs That
Keep You Trapped

Screening Professionals To
Be Sure They Can Help

Responding Strategically,
Instead Of Reacting Emotionally

Playing Their Games Better Than They Do –
Without Becoming Like Them