Dispute Resolution

How are we different from other mediators and arbitrators?

Steven Wolhandler’s unique background as an attorney, as a psychotherapist, and as a client himself is unmatched in the field. He knows what you are going through as only a former client can. He knows what works and what doesn’t.

Many excellent Mediators and Arbitrators are lawyers or psychotherapists. Each profession brings its own strengths and weaknesses. Mr. Wolhandler combines his extensive legal and psychology backgrounds to offer the best of both professions. In addition, we know of no other lawyer/psychotherapist who also has been a client of lawyers, mediators and arbitrators. Steven’s unique experiences gives him special compassion and insight that end even complex disputes fairly.

I wanted to thank you … I appreciate you being real and honest with me when no one else did. I’m sure you already know that you are an amazing individual, and I have a lot of respect for you and what you do. … Again thank you for your kindness, honesty, and advice. R.C.

We get results

Steven has ended fights that other Mediator/Arbitrators could not end. He understands the deep psychological dynamics of conflicts. He knows how poorly worded legal documents invite continued conflict. He works effectively and efficiently. He is fair and unbiased. Steven hears the underlying problem, gets people to hear each other and comes up with Creative Resolutions to seemingly impossible situations.

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We offer three main ways to settle disputes. Each saves you money and time, and is more satisfying than litigation because you have more control and get better results.


In Mediation, we help you see new possibilities, and come to your own solutions. You and the other party contribute your own creative, good faith efforts to the mediation process. In exchange, you get a resolution of your own design, not one imposed by a judge.


In Arbitration, the arbitrator makes the decision. Arbitration streamlines decision-making when parties can’t, or don’t want to, work it out for themselves. It can be less formal than litigation. You get more personal attention, more quickly, than you can get from the overloaded court system. As your Arbitrator, Steven hears what’s really going, cuts through to the heart of the matter, and makes a fair decision.


Med/Arb starts with Mediation and switches to Arbitration if Mediation gets stuck. In Med/Arb, the time mediating is put to good use, even though a mediated settlement wasn’t reached. The med/arbitrator has heard the issues, understands the parties and uses that knowledge to efficiently end the dispute. At the end of the process, you get a fair decision. You can move on.

Does Mediation and/or Arbitration really work?

Many of our successful Dispute Resolutions begin with two people who are positive that the other person is dead wrong and probably completely crazy. We even work well with people who cannot stand each other. At Creative Conflict Resolutions, LLC, we find common ground in surprising places and craft creative solutions.

We don’t create friendships from feuds. We do create lasting settlements that both of you can live with. You get a fair resolution, putting the problem behind you and letting you move on with your life.

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Why choose Mediation and/or Arbitration?

Mediation, Arbitration and Med/Arb are less expensive, more fair and quicker. They bring people together, and give you a real voice. On the other hand, litigation is costly and painfully slow. Litigation adds to misunderstanding by separating people, and litigation takes power away from you. Smart, well-meaning judges just don’t have time for a deep, personal understanding of the people their decisions affect.

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