Divorce, Post-Divorce and Custody Evaluations

Are you approaching divorce and need help? Is your family in turmoil after a divorce? Do you need someone to cut through to what’s really going on? Have custody evaluations, mediations and Court dramas done nothing – or maybe made things worse?

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Conflict Resolution for Family Court Matters

Steven provides Mediation, Arbitration, Decision-Making and Parent Coordinating for divorcing and divorced parents in conflict.

“Whoa! Bull crap over. Way to go. I can breath again.” J. I.

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Custody Evaluations

Steven provides provides Custody Evaluations (PRE), and he consults with parents and attorneys involved in that process. He specializes in unraveling issues that have been stuck and misunderstood for years, sometimes despite the efforts of other family court professionals. His reports provide positive and practical guidance for creating healthy families after divorce. He consults with parents being evaluated by other evaluators to help them be more clearly understood.

“The most complete, insightful and useful report I’ve ever seen.” B. D.

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